Eyebrow Threading

In all honesty, your eyebrows are a gigantic piece of your look. They can help shape and characterize your face and be persuaded and formed in several ways. One of the most as of late famous is eyebrow threading.

Zip Zap Eyebrow Threading is a trendsetter in the beauty industry. We have evolved with the marketplace using high standards combined with cutting-edge community outreach methods. Our loyal customers connect with us through all forms of communication. The next stage in our evolution is launching our New Life Pop & Play experience. A unique approach poised to encapsulate a diverse pool of new consumers. A perspective that integrates “inner beauty” medicine and wellness with the external.

Zip zap & spa also specializes in Eyebrow Tinting, Hair, Nails, Massage, Facials, Full Body Waxing, Henna Tattooing, and Makeup. Our experts will think about your beauty and looks. We deliver the best beauty services based on our honorable customer's demands.

Please consider our request to review the services in person or by phone. I am fully convinced that we can fulfill your beauty demands. Compare the prices and book an appointment to enjoy our services,

  • Eyebrow - $10
  • Lip - $5
  • Lower lip - $3
  • Chin - $5
  • Sides - $12
  • Forehead - $7
  • Neck - $10
  • Cheeks - $10

    If you have further queries related to the service or want to talk about service purchase please feel free to reach out to us. Our support team will answer all your questions politely.

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